Tom & Lacey

Thirty-five years ago the first modern computer was released to the public while the first CD player was sold in Japan. In Florida, the Epcot Center was opened while the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington, DC. Prince William was born. John Belushi died. Olivia Newton-John was getting "Physical," Joan Jett was proclaiming her "love for Rock 'N' Roll," and Michael Jackson was ruling the airwaves with his "Thriller" becoming the best-selling album of all time. At the movies we were introduced to the feats of Rambo in "First Blood," mesmerized by the adventures of "E.T. The Extraterrestrial," and held captive by "The Wrath of Kahn" in Star Trek II. Barney Clark became the recipient of the first artificial heart implant and John W. Hinckley was found not guilty because of insanity in the shooting of President Ronald Reagan. And, in a moment just as groundbreaking and history-making as any of these, Tom Ware and Lacey Thomas began performing together.

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